Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 is the newest running game that will take you on an amazing adventure into space with millions of stars, planets, and galaxies. Your mission in this game is to control the little gray alien to run, jump, skate, and avoid holes and obstacles in a continuous tunnel. Move along the walls to find the safest path and find out how long you can survive!

Run 3 was created by Joseph Cloutier and is the third installment in the Run trilogy—a popular game series with a huge player base. At its original release in 2014, Run 3 seemed to be just a remake of the original Run. However, through a stream of consistent updates throughout the years, Run 3 has been improved, from the unique characters to the overarching plots. This installment brings to you a number of new unprecedented mechanics, including crumbling tiles, ramps, darkness, and the ability to enter a tunnel again after jumping out. Power cells - an in-game currency was added as well. You can use Power cells to purchase characters and upgrades for various parts of the game.

Let's start the adventure right now!

Game modes

Explorer mode

In Run 3, the Explorer mode is essentially the game's plot mode. This mode allows the player to find and add more levels to their Galaxy Map. 

Infinite Mode

This mode gives you an endless run. The power cells will be scattered across the tunnels. Watch your steps! If you fall, it’s game over. Then, you can use the power cells to continue your run with a new character. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Control the jumps: The longer you hold the up arrow key, the farther the little alien will jump. Therefore, with short obstacles or small holes, you should only click, not hold the key too long. This helps your character not jump too far.
  2. Store energy to unlock new characters: When you save enough energy, you can unlock 9 characters through levels. Each character has unique abilities. If you can't get through any tunnel, try changing to a new character. On the pause screen, you can switch characters quickly at any time, then move back and continue running. 
  3. Focus on the terrain ahead: Quickly memorize the different sides of the tunnel to prepare for the next jump. This will give you more space to run.
  4. Train with Infinite mode: Infinite mode not only helps you collect power cells to unlock characters, but it is also great for you to practice skills.

How to play

Your mission in Run 3 is very simple: run as far as you can and don't fall! Avoid falling bricks, holes, and traps! If you hit the wall, the screen will roll. The control keys are as follows: 

  • No need to press any key to run
  • Use the arrows to the left or right to move
  • Press Up arrow or "space" key to jump
  • Press R key to reset
  • Press P to pause the game 

The controls are great, you really feel like you have complete control over your character’s movement. 

Basically, levels are the spine of the Run trilogy. There are 309 playable levels in Run 3—an insane amount of content. The main tunnel has 65 levels. The difficulty of the levels ranges from "sandbox" to "hell".

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