Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest brings to mind anything you would have encountered in the year 2004 on a website that was only devoted to flash games. But even back then, there were other games that were more enjoyable than this one. When it is turned into a game, however, Arrow Fest is in jeopardy of becoming obsolete. There is, most obviously, some kind of gameplay. It's possible for both of you to come out on top. However, simply satisfying those prerequisites does not make for a good gaming experience. This is a distinction that should not be overlooked. The Arrow Fest is quite straightforward. To lose the match, you are going to have to make as many poor choices as you possibly can. Sometimes you can come out on top even if you make it a point to lose.

How to play

  • A straightforward and intuitive game with simple controls.
  • To control your arrows, simply swipe.
  • Use the best gates to multiply your arrows.
  • To gain tons of coins, eliminate your adversaries and giants.
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