Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a unique and entertaining take on the game of basketball that was developed by MadPuffers specifically for use with two players. Make your selections and get ready to compete in a difficult competition. Take control of your player and direct him or her to score spectacular dunks and three-point shots in order to win the game. You are free to block and slap your opponent in order to knock him out and get the ball. Additionally, keep an eye on the supershot bar that appears at the top of the screen; once it is fully loaded, you are able to use the hot special dunk regardless of where you are standing, and it is guaranteed to work. Compete to be the best player in the game. Have fun with Basketball Stars!

How to play

  • Move/jump with the arrows. 
  • Arrow down: block/pump
  • X: steal/shoot
  • Z: supershot
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