Body Race

Body Race

Body Race is a game where the only way to complete your race and get rewards is to consume nutritious food and not fast food. This is a fun game about living a healthy lifestyle.

Beauty can take numerous forms as long as it does not harm one's health. If you are concerned about your health, you should play this game right away. This is an online game about living a healthy lifestyle. So, how do you become a character who leads a healthy lifestyle? You will change into a woman. You must gather green, healthy vegetables and fruits. In addition, the appropriate workouts should include weights, treadmills, jump rope, and others.

Additionally, avoid high-calorie items such as burgers and soft drinks. Simply add the aforementioned measurements together. When you arrive at your destination in good health, you can see your sweetheart or try on lovely outfits.

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How to play

To control, click or tap.

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