Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is the world's most popular free bubble popping game; to advance through the levels, you must match three colours of the same hue. Don't miss this enjoyable, tranquil game! You have to aim and shoot in this classic version as well as drop and pop every bubble. Utilise this unique puzzle to sharpen your brain while popping the balls at any time, whether online or offline. The best free app is called Bubble Hit. 

Are you prepared to start acting? In this calming game of colour matching, aim, match, and smash all the balls. One of the best shooting games, it's simple to play and simple to understand. Great for families! 

Test your knowledge of strategy! Compete against friends and family to see who can complete each level with three stars and the highest score. As you play, you'll amass coins that you can use to purchase awesome boosters. Use your reasoning and puzzle-solving abilities to accomplish objectives and clear the board while assuring daily special bonuses.

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How to play

  • Tap bubble shooters to solve puzzles.
  • Swipe to aim and shoot! Tap to shoot same-colored bubbles.
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