Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

Buggy Wuggy - Platformer where you take a deep breath and immerse yourself in Buggy Wuggy and Poppy the Youngster, a free game. As you progress through the numerous horror levels, you will come face to face with a wide array of horrifying monsters, each of which brings an additional degree of difficulty to the platformer horror genre. You have to travel as swiftly as possible, unlock the doors, avoid being trapped by the malevolent bugs, and make it through all of the many levels and biomes in order to complete the level. Playing the terrifyingly enjoyable platformer game known as Buggy Wuggy-Platformer Playtime will give your scarab something to do while it waits for you, so make sure you have a nice time doing it.

How to play

Run with the arrows. Jump with up arrow and space. To win, go to the white door.

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