Cat Runner

Cat Runner

Cat Runner is a control game for the cat to run away from bandits on an endless track and collect gold coins along the way. In this infinite runner game, you may have hours of fun with your beloved cat by running to collect gold coins after being robbed! Explore new planets while racing at high speeds. As you chase the thief, you will have to evade rapid automobiles and trains.

The game is pretty simple to play: run as fast as you can through the unending city environment. Avoid the carrier while collecting coins and purchasing extra props. There are numerous critters to choose from, including cats, unicorns, and dogs. Each pet runner has a distinct personality. Bring your favourite pet if you want to be the first runner.

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How to play

  • To change lanes, use the left or right arrows.
  • To jump, use the up arrow.
  • To slide, use the down arrow.
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