Clash of Skulls

Clash of Skulls

Clash of Skulls is a tower defence game in which you use a variety of units to try to stop enemies from destroying your base. By using the skulls, the goal is to demolish the rival base. To create a powerful attack force, experiment with different unit combinations. The greatest approach to winning the war is to choose the correct units at the right time. Good fortune 

A real-time strategy unit deployment game is called Clash of Skulls. Deal with a terrifying horde of malicious monsters who want to conquer your territory. To gain the upper hand and boost your damage output, combine and level up your units. After taking care of the defensive aspect, you can begin organising your assaults to annex your adversary's area. Hire skeleton warriors equipped with swords, scythes, bombs, battering rams, and other weapons. Try it now, please. I love Clash of Skulls!

How to play

The skull army can be deployed with the left mouse button.

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