Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an adventure game in which the player does not start out with any cookies in their inventory when they begin the quest. The user can choose to click on Big Cookie, which initially produces a cookie with each click on the left side of the screen. A gamer can purchase a pointer, which will click every 10 seconds when they have 15 cookies. After that, the player can keep making cookies till they buy a grandmother, a farm, a mine, etc. Initially, every 7 minutes or so, golden cookies may emerge on the screen, temporarily increasing the rate of cookies per second. Upgrades can be bought to boost the number of cookies that buildings produce or only to boost the rate at which cookies are produced.

The player can begin creating sugar lumps, a secondary currency required to level up structures, once 1 billion cookies have been manufactured, which somewhat boosts output. When a building, like a farm or a bank, reaches a certain level, it may contain a minigame that must be unlocked. The Garden and the Stock Market are two examples of minigames that can be used to boost CpS and come with their own upgrades and achievements.

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How to play

To make cookies, tap, then purchase items that will do the baking for you. then continue to tap!

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