Cooking Fast Halloween

Cooking Fast Halloween

Cooking Fast Halloween is a cooking game with a spooky Halloween theme that has the potential to become quite addictive. As a budding chef in this culinary game, you will have the ability to produce a broad variety of delectable and spicy dishes from scratch. This is a challenge in the kitchen for people who are passionate about food! It is your mission to create Mummy Hotdogs as well as Mummy Pizza Pies. Do you possess the knowledge and abilities necessary to successfully manage this task? You need to be more profitable if you want to see an increase in the amount of money your company brings in. 

This is a brand-new, very addicting Halloween cooking game where you have to make mummy hotdogs and mummy pizza pies as a challenge for anyone who loves cooking. 

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How to play

Click on ingredients to add them to the pan and plates to serve them. Upgrade your pots and plates at the cookery shop.

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