Demon Killer

Demon Killer

Demon Killer is a video game in which the objective is to eliminate as many demonic foes as possible by the use of a firearm. You'll receive a bonus at the level's conclusion if you hit them. The demons get more powerful as the game goes on. Attack now so that you can fire a finite number of rounds at the monsters. You must reload your weapon each time the ammo runs out. By hitting R, you can manually complete this task, or you can just wait for it to happen naturally. To swap between additional weapons in your armoury, left-click on any of them. You only have a finite amount of health, so try to survive. You will lose health each time a demon passes by or engages you in combat. if you become completely ill and pass away. 

You can only fight a certain number of demons in level mode, and they come in waves. To finish the level, you must either survive the last wave or eliminate all of the monsters. You come up against new and stronger demons with each level. To unlock new weapons, complete the level mode. Once a level has been completed, you are unable to replay it or have the game automatically go to the next one. Once all the levels have been completed, there is only one endless mode left.

How to play

  • Left-click the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Select the R button to reload.
  • To swap between guns, press the numerical keys or click with the left mouse button.
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