Fall Beans

Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a multiplayer online game that is completely free to play and draws some inspiration from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You can race privately against your buddies in a password-protected game area or compete in sizable multiplayer venues. There are many stages with hazards like sliding walls and collapsing floors. You can use emoticons and dance gestures to communicate your feelings to other gamers. 

The more races you participate in, and ideally win, the more experience points you'll gain. You can level up by earning XP. In Fall Beans, you receive rewards for reaching higher levels. These rewards might range from gold to costumes and dance skills. By clicking on the stars on the menu screen, you may have a look for yourself. You can use gold from the store to buy a variety of cosmetic items if you want to instantly look like an experienced Fall Boys And Girls player. 

How to play

Move with the arrow keys, then jump on the desktop with the space bar. 

To control a mobile device, use the on-screen controllers.

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