Fall Boys And Girls

Fall Boys And Girls

Fall Boys And Girls is a fun online multiplayer game that can support up to 30 players at once in each game at the same time. You have to get through an obstacle course as quickly as possible while avoiding getting caught in any of the traps or colliding with any of the obstacles. Those contestants who end up in last place are the ones who are eliminated. Every level gets progressively more difficult, and as a result, the number of players who are still playing the game gradually decreases until there is only one person remaining, who is then declared the victor of the game. Because it's so participatory, gamers of any age are guaranteed to have a good time with it. Make a quick call to your teammates and get in the game!

How to play

  • WASD: run 
  • Space: jump 
  • Enter: chat with friend
  • Esc: display mouse during gameplay
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