Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D

Fall Race 3D is a fun game with appealing graphics and simple gameplay that will certainly provide players some top-notch entertainment. The game's simple 3D graphics are enjoyable and it is pretty light. Players are given a wonderful experience thanks to the characters' smooth mobility. The consequences of being thrown off the course and the sounds of hitting barriers will be audible. Characters will do highly distinctive victory dances as they cross the finish line. There are levels in the game with increasing difficulty. Players only need to move the game screen to make the character run and release their hands to stop because the obstacles in the game screen shift constantly. Players must be inventive to get past the game screen. If you encounter an obstacle, your character will fall and have to restart. The game is over when a player reaches the finish line.

How to play

  • To move the ball left and right, tap the screen.
  • The same figures can be joined together.
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