Going Balls

Going Balls

Going Balls is a type of arcade game that takes place in three dimensions and challenges players to control a metal ball as it travels over a wooden track. Some sections of the track have guardrails, whereas others do not. Collect the coins and avoid falling into the abyss by rolling the ball across the finish line. In this hard-rolling ball platformer, all you have to do is manoeuvre the ball along a route filled with surprising hazards! Upgrade the ball for greater stability and enjoyment, gather coins, and complete all levels. Are you ready for a wild ride? Complete all stages and face real-world challenges.

Going Balls Instructions

Swipe your screen or use the arrow buttons to move the ball along the floating wooden track. Each swipe or keyboard moves the ball a small distance, so keep swiping or tapping to maintain the speed.

Collect coins to unlock new balls, and keys to open treasure chests. Try to make contact with the grey tile and the floating metal ball. These are checkpoints, and if you activate them, you will be able to resume the game from this point if you fall over the edge.

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How to play

You can use a trackpad or mouse to play on a laptop or desktop. Swiping and using the down arrow key to turn gives you more ball control.

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