Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft entails arranging the pieces on the board so that three or more of the same kind of pieces are placed close to one another. It brings to mind the classic Match-3 genre. The new features it brings, though, will help you think more logically and strategically. Appreciate the appealing aesthetics and innovative gameplay. 

A 5x6 grid with vacant cells will be shown. A box that has been opened is in the lower portion. There is something inside. This will appear here if you click on any square. Then there will be something more in the box. Put at least three identical objects in close proximity to one another. They'll vanish, leaving behind a brand-new substance. 

Halloween without a Pumpkin: A Magical Game: Ten distinct things are available for play. Ghosts, monsters, lollipops, etc. You have no control over which one comes after another. It is the element of the title that is the hardest. There are some unnoticed tendencies, though—lollipops and headgear appear more frequently.

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How to play

Tap or click a board blank to place the Next item.

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