Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5 is a matching game in which you must align three or more gems of the same type in order to complete each puzzle. Set out on a quest through the jungle-hidden Mayan city, collecting gems, golden masks, and other treasures along the way. You must make the gems switch positions in order to line up three or more matching ones in this bejewelled game. To move a gem, select it and drag it to one of the nearby tiles. This will cause them to swap positions, but only if the move produces a proper match-3 combination.

Collect the gems by popping them. Concentrate on gathering the jewels shown in the panel on the left side of the board. This panel shows the level's goals, so the gems shown here are the ones you need to clear to finish each match-3 puzzle.

In some stages, the panel will also show Mayan masks, ice tiles, banana tree leaves, or magical purple tiles. These are the items that must be cleared, either by making matches or falling to the bottom of the board by bursting the gems beneath them. By lining up four of the identical jewels, you can score row and column bombs. You'll get a special color bomb if you combine five identical gems. Combine these objects with others to make explosive combinations. In addition, you can gather four different boosters to help you clear away jewels.

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How to play

To match the tiles, drag the left mouse button.

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