Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans is a classic Mahjong game in which you match two tiles to eliminate them from the board until there are no more. When you've cleared all of the tiles, the level is finished!

Simply click on two identical tiles to remove them from the stack. When you remove tiles from higher up, it reveals more tiles to play with beneath. In a conventional Solitaire Mahjong Candy game, there are 144 tiles to match, so relax and enjoy the dramatic Chinese music while you complete the puzzle!

If you are interested in patterns and puzzles, then Mahjong is a great game to play. Check out our Mahjong games to find a variety of Mahjong titles. Mahjong Titans is similar to Mahjong Connect and Solitaire Mahjong Candy.

How to play

To select tiles, use the left mouse button.

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