Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy

MahJongg Alchemy is one of the classic tile mahjong games as an adventure in the mysterious world of ancient alchemists. Combine the right alchemical symbols, dragons, celestial bodies, and esoteric alchemical tools to get rid of the tiles.

The goal of this thinking game is to locate and combine matching tiles. You can only select tiles that are not covered by other tiles. The tiles must also have one or both long sides free. Make combinations to remove the tiles and expose the bits lying beneath.

You have 15 minutes to complete as many layouts as you can. Each level's timer is visible at the top. The game will finish if you run out of moves, and a new tile set will be shuffled and dealt. You can also terminate a level by dealing a new tile set by pressing the button at the top. However, the timer will continue to run!

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How to play

To select a tile, use the left mouse button.

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