Merge Blast

Merge Blast

Merge Blast is a recently introduced subgenre that falls under the umbrella of games that fall into the category of puzzles. Tap the contact bubbles that have the same number, and you'll see that they grow to become larger bubbles with greater numbers. It's quite simple; all you have to do is tap the contact bubbles that have the same number. Touch, tap, and move bigger. Spend a number of hours entertaining yourself while simultaneously giving your mind a workout. Keep the pebbles that are falling from the sky away from your fortification by defending it. You may strengthen your turrets by fusing together different cards, and unlocking chests can net you various rewards. Are you able to reach level 25 in this game?

How to play

  • Blocks can be shot by tapping the screen. 
  • They can also be combined to form lines of the same number. 
  • Increase your score and compete with your best.
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