Potion Flip

Potion Flip

Potion Flip is a game in which the player has the opportunity to try their hand at being a magician by conquering various obstacles with a bottle. Playing Potion Flip will teach you how to create this tricky cuisine. You only need patience, intelligence, and quickness. You have command of a little jar of light-colored liquid. Obstacle Determine the best route to the iron pot. Enjoy some vintage puzzles. 

Finding the stars is another story. Most of the time, these stars are buried in inaccessible locations, making it tough to locate them. This is how planning works. Consider what you will do next. You can learn from your mistakes and strive not to make the same ones again. There are a variety of things you can do to assist yourself throughout the rounds. Begin by acquiring a few stuffed animals. With the help of these soft stuffed animals, you can move around the room. There are also specialty lines. These lines will show you the best route to your destination. Discover what additional choices are open to you!

How to play

To rotate the potion, click or tap it.

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