Red and Green Pumpkin

Red and Green Pumpkin

Red And Green Pumpkin is a series that will put you and your buddies through additional challenges using new enemies and gameplay elements. Beware of bats and slime! utilise the jump ramps. Do not forget to turn the key to reveal the unseen door. The laser can only be removed by green.

It's not necessary to install this game. With quick navigation options to enable full screen on the top right and return to the homepage on the top right, you can start playing right away on your smartphone.

To get through obstacles and traps that arise along the road, let's go with two pumpkins. To advance to a completely new challenge, remember to gather the key for each level. An unseen door will open and a level will be finished each time you acquire a key. Notably, only the green character is capable of disabling the laser and preserving their lives. Good fortune!

Wearing a microphone or adjusting the volume is strongly advised for the best possible playing experience. You can turn your mobile phone either horizontally or vertically as needed to get the best playing experience.

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How to play

  • Use the touch controls on the screen while using a mobile device.
  • Desktop: Move Red and Green with WASD and the arrow keys, respectively.
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