Skydom is a fun puzzle game with really unique game modes and where you will connect similar objects next to each other. There will be several levels accessible to you where you will complete a variety of tasks. The main goal will be to connect the objects and make combos that will give you extra points and even certain bonuses.

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Completing exceptional tasks will win you rewards: Each level in Skydom has a specific aim. This goal usually requires getting rid of a certain amount of an item or gemstone. When you complete the level, you are rewarded! Furthermore, certain levels challenge you against other online players.

Make one-of-a-kind diamonds for effective results: Match three pieces of the same colour to eliminate them from the board and advance closer to the objective. Higher multiples of stones can be mixed to create unique pieces with remarkable effects.

As you progress, additional features become available: Continue along the Skydom route once you've accumulated 1,000 coins to find new destinations and unlock the alchemist. This elemental master will produce one-of-a-kind bonus pieces that, when collected, will transform into whole bonuses.

Create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience: Skydom will give you hints at every move. However, you can disable them in the options to make the game more difficult. You can change a variety of options here, including the language.

How to play

To switch pieces, drag or use the left mouse button.

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