Slime Hunter

Slime Hunter

Slime Hunter is GAMEVIL's 2D role-playing game that includes a lot of issues due to its repetition, clunky UI, microtransactions, and clutter. The task is meaningless or takes too long. The game does several wonderful things to keep you occupied if you can fix these faults. 

The Power Fantasy portion of the game will begin as soon as you choose your class. The fight against the instructional boss requires you to execute powerful late-game techniques that do not have a cooldown, and each hit causes a large number to appear, demonstrating exactly how powerful you may become. When you have finished the lesson, both your starting abilities and your starting equipment will be at the beginner level. The bonus items are easy to get and work well enough for most quests. 

How to play

By moving the mouse while holding down LMB, you can walk in the direction you want. The act of aiming and firing is automated.

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