Spooky Bubble Shooter

Spooky Bubble Shooter

Spooky Bubble Shooter is a puzzle game in which you must destroy a number of possibly toxic bubbles by entering a dungeon. Put them in groups of three or more to pop them. The game will be over if they cross the line at the bottom of the screen!

Collect the golden "Jack-o-lanterns" concealed among the zombies' eyeballs in this eerie bubble shooter game. There are going to be 72 difficult levels. A unique challenge with "various types of items and power ups" can be found in each level. The "Jack-o'-lanterns" must be collected in order to finish a level. To create groups of three or more eyeballs of the same colour, shoot the eyes on the board. A level must be finished within the allotted time. If you finish the level earlier, your score will be higher.

Play Spooky Bubble Shooter to enter a dungeon! Can you play this cute yet unsettling online game while keeping up with all the bubbles? 

They keep floating out of the cauldrons down there in great numbers. In order to get into the Halloween mood, you'll need to eliminate as many of them as you can in this bubble shooter game. However, you can play it throughout the entire year.

How to play

To complete the level, shoot the bubbles.

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