- Conquer the World - Conquer the World
5 - Conquer The World is where you administer countries and regions, destroy competitor towers, invade enemy areas, and secure borders. In this strategic and logical tile battle, be clever and courageous. Be a true strategist in both your attacks and defences, since every action you take will have an effect. Tactics, not power, are required in this military simulation. In place of your muscles, you are employing your intellect. By resolving these clever dot puzzles, you can become a hero! Fighting on the many maps that we have introduced just for you will be a lot of fun for you. Reach the top and take advantage of our no-cost online RTS. Play 1v1 in the first stages and add more opponents as you advance. Are you prepared to finish this heroic conquest and create your own tale?

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How to play

Use strategy and quick thinking to capture nations and territory! Be successful in this war plan!

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