Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies is a type of video game in which the only human player has access to a single shotgun and there are a vast number of zombies to kill. You are humanity's last best hope, and it is your duty to ensure that they remain as mindless as possible. You will be able to see your bullets splash from wall to wall if you change your shots and your perspective. This will allow you to dismember individual zombies by severing their arms and limbs, which will allow you to more easily dismember them. ricochet-based gameplay that is both straightforward and innovative, mixed with an intriguing take on the zombie genre. You'll have to use your smarts and cunning to beat the zombies' lack of intelligence. 

Zombies are featured in the following games: Killer Zombies JigsawAdam and Eve: Zombies

How to play

Adjust your shots and angles to see your bullets ricochet from wall to wall, killing zombies.

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