Tank Wars

Tank Wars

Tank Wars is a game in which the player controls a stationary artillery tank that launches ballistic projectiles from various weapons to destroy enemies. Three different game styles are available in Tank Wars: 

Traditional (turn-based) The players execute their shots sequentially, one after another, in classic mode (also known as turn-based mode), until only one tank (or one team) is left alive. The other players must wait until it is their turn to take a shot while one person makes his or her shot. 

Simultaneous In simultaneous mode, each player adjusts their next shot at the same time. All tanks fire their weapons simultaneously once everyone has verified their particular firing settings. Until just one tank (or one crew) is still alive, the process is repeated. 

Real-time In real-time mode, all players are free to fire whenever they choose, as long as they don't already have or are carrying a projectile in the air. The bloodbath continues until one tank (or one crew) is the lone survivor.

How to play

  • Choose between playing against the machine or against a friend.
  • Earn coins to purchase tanks!
  • Use the arrows on the left to manoeuvre the tank.
  • To attack, use the right joystick to aim.
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