The Last Man

The Last Man

The Last Man is a fantastic horror game that allows players to escape from an alien-infested institution through a top-down survival adventure. Find and gather all the equipment and weapons you can along the road. Can you escape this ominous and gloomy location? Keep your guard up, because these aliens have the ability to lop off your head with only one strike! How long do you have left? Playing this action game is enjoyable. Weapons, ammunition, exits, and adversary positions are produced at random Three levels of creatures 3 distinct conclusions A 3D maze environment. There are 10 diverse weapons, ranging from sniper rifles to battle blades.

How to play

  • Arrow keys or WASD for movement
  • Click left to shoot Right-click to choose an item or weapon
  • Change weapons by using the mouse. = reload T = OFF/ON thermal eyewear N = OFF/ON evening vision glasses M = OFF/ON Run: Left-Shift + Space on a map = pausing.
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