The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom is a place that allows you to create your own kingdom by combining different resources in groups of three in this adorable match-three game. By completing quests and combining countless items, you can start building your fairytale kingdom.


Harvesting and mining resources: There are numerous items in The Mergest Kingdom that may be merged in sets of three to form new ones. You begin by fusing unprocessed materials to create something new, such as a house. The homes might then be joined to create a larger home, and so on. Anything can be combined, including diamonds, trees, and dragons.

Discover and take over new lands: You are allowed to design your magical kingdom however you choose. Discover new places with strange creatures and fresh resources. Position your structures and combine items however you like. This area of land never ends.

Finish quests: The game provides you with a variety of objectives to keep you occupied while rewarding you along the way with gold, gems, and new quests. Make sure to return to get the daily quest because it offers prizes of money and gems.

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How to play

Left mouse button dragging to play.

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