Zombie Road

Zombie Road

Zombie Road is a free game that has you driving for an infinite amount of time, but you have no influence over the zombie apocalypse. The only sensible course of action is to leave town and travel. In order to prevent anyone from escaping, legions of the shambling undead are blocking the highways. But take care! Along with fending off the zombies, you'll also have to contend with your own fellow humans for road space. Yes, the apocalypse is here, and there are no sides. Your neighbours are just as eager to leave town as you are, and they are just as violent and brain-dead as the zombies.

Your only chance of surviving is to outmanoeuvre other drivers as they purposely cut you off or ram into you. Focus on smashing through zombies to increase your score instead. Do you believe you possess the skills necessary to eliminate everyone else and rule the leaderboard? This is your moment to show what you're made of. Drive in this entirely original racing gorefest. As you search for a better life on the periphery of society, avoid automobiles and trash zombies. In the free racing and avoidance game Zombie Road, you take the wheel while battling a horde of zombies.

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How to play

  • On a mobile device, you can use your finger to turn the automobile left or right. 
  • To drive the car on a desktop, use the Left or Right arrow keys.
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